Stairway – The Daily Post

Inspired by today's prompt, I thought I would write something. I hope you
Like my short descriptive piece!

The stairs curved away in what seemed to be an endless drop. I was having second thoughts about this. I hate it when people dare you to do something absolutely 
preposterous that they know is very hard or scary. I bet they can't even do this themselves. 

I was in the Library at the top of the staircase leading down to the 
where all the books are neatly stacked on bookshelves. I can't bear 
myself to do this. I love the library and the librarian Mrs. Willows
dearly and it hurts me to do this. 

Now I know you're wondering "Why don't I just fake it and say I did it 
when I next saw those obnoxious boys," but they are here. Waiting for
me at the bottom staring up at me watching for the first signs of 
backing out so they could bully me and call me a chicken.

I clutched the banister tightly thinking all those thoughts when the
leader of the group peers up with a sneer on his face and called out
"Well hurry up! Don't want Mrs. W to come do you? You'd be banned from 
the library caught trying to slide down the banister."
"Well I am though so I will be banned from the library even if I did do
it" I shot back. 
His face darkened and said 
"Just do it," 
I knew I should of said "no" when I hopped up on the banister of the 
stair,  and say its very disrespectful and I wouldn't do it.
I knew I should of said "Do it yourself" when I sat on the edge.
I knew I should of never said "Of course I can do it." when I braced 
myself to let go.
And I knew that I shouldn't throw my life away with both hands when I letgo of the banister. 

Windows flew by.
Stairs flew by.
Books flew by.
Pages flew by. 
I flew.

Down, down, down I went. Falling, falling, falling. Everything's
falling down. 

"Life is to short to do such things," I thought. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. I promise you the next post 
will contain photos!!!! ;-)

stair photo.jpg


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